What happens when I click Try it Free? Check it out

Once your store URL is entered and the "Try It" button is clicked the following actions will take place:

  1. Facebook login (if not already logged in)
  2. Select desired Facebook fan page
  3. "Allow" the FansFave app to your page
  4. Products from store URL will appear in your FansFave Facebook Page (this may take a few minutes, to few hours depending on the size of your store)

At this point your fans will only see a friendly "coming soon" notification on your Facebook fan page, giving you a chance to preview your FansFave Facebook Page. Once satisfied, click “Publish to fans” for your fans to see. Let the social engagement begin!!!

To remove FansFave all you have to do is delete the app.
Layout of image board will be different for each fan depending on their interests

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